Adjusting to the Change


Do you like online or in person school better? 

  • “In person school because when I try to do it at home it doesn’t get done.”-Emma Bayne (10th grade) 
  • “In person. A lot of the interaction of students is better when we are in person. It’s like a relationship aspect.”- Mrs. Hollingsworth (Teacher)
  • “In person school because it is more hands-on.”-Daisha Riley (11th grade)
  • “In person school because I get to interact with my teacher and friends.”-Lucas Bowers (9th Grade)
  • “Online school because I could sleep in”-Haley Campbell (9th Grade)


How are your grades this year compared to last year? 

  • “Last year I almost failed because of online, so this year they were better”-Zoe Balke (10th Grade)
  • “This year is better because were actually in person.”-Ethan Robertson (11th Grade)


Do you feel prepared for the next school year? 

  • “Yes, because I am managing my time well this year.” -Todd Harris (10th Grade) 
  • “I am very prepared for next year because this year went smoother.”-Preston Harry (10th Grade)
  • “Yes because we have learned to adapt to online and in person and are more flexible with change.”-Eliza Graybill (9th Grade)


How did last year affect your view on high school?

  • “It made me nervous because I was entering a new school during  pandemic”-Lindsay Green (9th Grade)