Devious Licks Challenge

Devious Licks Challenge

What is the Devious Lick Challenge? The Devious Lick Challenge is where students not just in TRHS would go around and steal anything they could get there hand on. A lot of items that they would steal would be the soap dispensers out of the bathrooms and even the name and room number tags off of the walls next to the classroom doors.


What do you think about the Devious Licks Challenge? 

  • “It was funny at first, but now it’s annoying because now I have to wash my hands outside of the bathroom.” -Wyatt Smith (11th Grade)
  • “It was very funny when it started but now it’s stupid because kids can get a criminal charge.”-Parker Peace (10th Grade)
  • “I think it’s funny because of all the tiktok.”-Ethan Conway (10th Grade) 


Have you seen any Devious Licks Challenges on tiktok happen at TRHS? 

  • “Yes, the soap, clock, and the room numbers and names.” -Jamaya Scott (10th Grade)
  • “Yes, the soap.” -Luke Swayguham (12th Grade) 


What do you think of the schools responding to the Devious Licks Challenge? 

  • “I think it’s good because they should get in trouble for stealing school property.”-Shaelynn Hemeree (9th Grade)
  • “I feel like they could do a different form of punishment than ISS because that way it wouldn’t go on their record for stealing things as a joke.” -Josaua Sprague (10th Grade) 
  • “They know better because they are high schoolers, and maybe they haven’t been punished enough.” -Anonymous