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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

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On the 9th of November, Travelers Rest High School was fortunate enough to have the director and executive producer of the movie Tinker come and speak to students in the auditorium. Executive producer Nick Stathakis and director Sonny Marler, both TRHS Alumni, graduated in 1995 and 1993 Respectively. Both answered questions about their newest movie Tinker, which is in theaters now. They began working on Tinker in 2013, and the film has gotten 19 awards so far.

The movie Tinker is about a young boy and his father, who works confidentially with the government on a machine that could change the world. His son, who is a tinkerer, attempts to remake the machine that his father has worked on for a long time. According to Marler, one of the directors, the movie revolves around a father and son relationship. Marler also says he put a lot of his own life experiences into the movie.

When asked to give some advice to the students, both Stathakis and Marler talked about how important our generation is, and how significant high school is. Marler finished off by saying, “Everyone has a story to tell,” and we are glad they came to TR to tell theirs.

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