TRHS Homecoming Week: Worldwide


Homecoming week at Travelers Rest High School is quickly approaching. To kick the week off, the Homecoming Dance will take place this Saturday, September 7th, at 8:00 pm in the commons area. Beginning next week, students will have the opportunity to dress up with the specific theme of the day. Also, float building is beginning this Sunday through Wednesday. This year the Homecoming theme is Countries of the World. The freshman class has France, the sophomores have the United Kingdom, juniors have Greece, and the seniors have Egypt. The parade will take place next Thursday, September 12th at 6:00pm. On Friday of next week, the students will participate in a pep rally where the spirit rock will be revealed and the classes will compete for the the spirit stick. Friday night the Devildog Football team will face Pickens Blue Flames at 7:30 at Chico Bolin Stadium. The Homecoming Ceremony will take place right before the game at 6:45.

For more information about the homecoming games, check out Calvin Brinkman’s article here.

The homecoming parade was held last night at 6:00 pm. Many people lined the streets of Travelers Rest to support our school and cheer on the classes! Each float was impressive and the classes did a great job building and showing off their hard work. The results the from the parade will be given at the football game Friday night at 7:30.

The results for homecoming week was revealed at the football game last Saturday, September 14th. The seniors won the pep rally games and found the rock. The sophomores won the spirit stick. The juniors won the dress up days throughout the week. The seniors won float building followed by the juniors, freshman, and lastly sophomores. Overall, the seniors won homecoming week with the juniors falling closely behind. The sophomores placed in 3rd and the freshman coming in last place.

The homecoming princess, queen, and king was also reveled before the game. Madison Willis was crowned freshman princess. Mckenna Gibson won sophomore princess. Jordan Hamon was named junior princess and Aliyah Goldsmith was named senior princess. Abbey league was crowned homecoming queen for the 2019-2020 school year at Travelers Rest High School. Cameron Lomax-Byrd was crowned homecoming king.

Here are the dress up days for this week:
Monday- Mime Monday (black and white)
Tuesday- Red, White & Britain (Britain flag colors)
Wednesday- Greek Squad (white & blue)
Thursday- Pharaoh’s Tomb (gold)
Friday- Homecoming shirt or black out

Clue #1
Greeting, Oh Greetings!
It’s Homecoming Again!
Time for the Rock!
I wonder who’ll win?

I’m hiding at TR!
I’m here. I’m just one!
Let’s cheer for the Dogs!
Come find me! It’s fun!

Clue #2
Don’t go in that room!
There’s really no need.
No key is required.
With you I’ll be freed!

You’ve looked for me low.
You’ve looked for me high.
More to the middle, I think.
To find me – don’t lie!

Clue #3
Again you must listen,
My words are all true!
Don’t go where you don’t belong,
Or you will be all through!

Safe from a Gnome,
Can’t reach me up here.
No dwarf or lilliputian,
Will cause me to fear.

The prostrate won’t find me.
You can, just look!
Ensconced in all black,
On primordial book.

Clue #4
I hang here and pine,
In my hammock so zipped.
As youngsters go round,
If you would only unclip!

My verdant abode,
so scented and lush.
It hardly ever changes,
Why are you in a rush?