Opinions on the Elvis Movie


The Elvis movie released over the summer was a huge success, many laughs and tears came from it. Although it was a Biography, the ending still shocked thousands and even brought some to tears. This movie brought light to how Elvis and his family lived and what problems his parents faced having a son who was known as “The King of Rock and Roll”. It also shows what choices Elvis had over his life like what he said and did, even down to how he moved his body. This movie was very realistic when telling Elvis’ story about his home life, and the struggles he faced with his family. His manager Thomas Andrew Parker (played by Tom Hanks) limited him in his music career. His manager limited him on what he could wear and how he could sing, Thomas Parker did not like the soul in Elvis’ voice. Who would stay in show business if they had no control over what they did? This movie shows Elvis stayed in show business because he had a huge career and following which is hard to give up.

This movie was a huge success given it was Warner Brothers’ fourth most successful film since the pandemic began, It has made over 120 million dollars domestically. It seems like everyone likes this movie but if it was a successful movie at the box office, does that mean it is a successful movie according to the students at Travelers Rest High School? These interviews will put this theory to the test.

Have you seen the Elvis movie, if you have, would you recommend it?
Addy Bonesso- “I have seen it, I went to see it because of Austin Butler. I only recommend it to intelligent people because the acting was really good.”
Bailey Talley- “Sure!”
Payden Atwell- “I would, absolutely.”
Rebekah Anderson- “I haven’t seen it, but I want to”
Violeta Rodriguez- “I have not seen it and I do not want to.”
Lillian Freidl- “ It was a very realistic movie, I would recommend it to someone else”

What is your opinion on the Elvis movie?
Curtis Wilson- It was good, I really liked the hair and the clothing.”
Emily Allison- “I liked it!”
Miriam Teague- “It was a really good movie”
Zenabu Felder- “I loved the movie, seeing Elvis sing was the most refreshing moment.”