The Blue and Gold

Zayn DeAndrade
Contrary to popular belief, this Zayn is not the one who left One Direction. She is actually a girl who's father decided to give her a guy's name (shoutout to you dad).  Zayn was born in Tokyo, Japan and left when she was five to live in Maui, Hawaii.  Living in Hawaii, she learned Japanese and English hand in hand thanks to her parents.  Konichiwa means hello in Japanese if you were already wanting to learn a Japanese word.  She is on her sixth year on the TRHS tennis team and they're excited to win their sixth region title.  Zayn has played tennis for as long as she can remember, even having a racket in the crib. She loves cats, especially the two she's had since she was little, as well as eating macaroons, which definitely look like pretty patties (Spongebob reference).  Most of her friends will tell you she's a bit extra though.

Zayn DeAndrade, Graphics Editor

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