Adam Levine Cheating Scandal


Adam Levine has been facing some backlash in the last few weeks. The maroon 5 singer was accused of having many cheating scandals on his wife. These scandals appeared online when women such as Summer Stroh, came forward on social media platforms, providing proof of the cheating. Screenshots Stroh shared revealed Levine wanted to name his next child after her. DM screenshots also showed explicit comments made by Levine about her physical appearance. The common platform used for revealing his disturbing comments was TikTok.
The cheating scandal was not just with one girl, but multiple, as more started coming forward. He is currently married to Behati Prinsloo, a former Victoria Secret model and the mother of his children. Following the allegations involving her husband, it has been said that she is upset, but full-heartedly believes her husband did not physically cheat. Nothing went beyond flirtatious texting and comments.

Levine said he made a “poor judgment” choice. He claimed that his family and wife were the most important things in his life, which is ironic considering what he did. The scandal as a whole has been a shock to many as Levine’s marriage has always been viewed as “picture perfect”. Fans are concerned for Prinsloo and the future of her and her kids. Will this ‘united front” the couple is taking last?