Are School Holds Effective?


With all of the horrific school shootings happening around the country, Travelers Rest has put safety measures in place. The phrase “going on hold,” is something students hear often. Students have different opinions about these “holds”. When on hold, teachers simply lock the door and continue with the class. The police and administration go to certain classrooms and make all the students go through metal detectors. The main purpose of these “holds” is to create a safer enviornment for all students.

Many students were asked, “How do you feel about the holds, and do you believe these are beneficial for practicing our safety in a dangerous situation?” Sophomore, Haley Campbell said, “ At this point they are normal but it is confusing to know if this is just a hold to check our bags, or if there is real danger outside.” Senior Allyson Harshbarger said, “It is good they are practicing keeping us safe, but I feel like they should practice,what to do if there is an active shooter rather than just search our bags.” After talking to 5 people per grade level about their opinions on the holds, the most common response were the searches are beneficial to an extent.  Most students mentioned how it just feels like getting searched rather than practicing if there is danger in the school or area.

Will these “holds” continue? As the school year moves forward, safety measures will continue.