Band Camp 2022


Most students spend their last days of summer going out, spending time with friends, and making the most of their time they have before school starts. TRHS marching band students, however, spend the end of their summer at band camp. Band camp is two weeks of learning music/marching fundamentals, marching drill, and their show. Band camp covers around 10 12 hour days of hard work in the sun, but what exactly is it all for? And why is it such a big deal?
Surprisingly, the TRHS band does more than sit in the stands during football games and play stands tunes; they work to compete against other bands from Greenville County and potentially the entire state. The two weeks these students put work into help them for the competition season that faces them in the following months. Band students along with band staff use band camp to make huge progress toward their show which they will perform at said competitions. In these two weeks, they improve their marching, musician, and leadership skills and learn drill, music, and movements to perfect their show. This work is often viewed as easy and not even comparable to sports such as football, cheer, and cross country, but it actually isn’t as easy as it seems. Students have to stand out in the sun for hours while they hold their horns —which can weigh up to # pounds— at attention without breaking. So despite the stigma against band, claiming it as easy, marching band can actually be quite hard.
So if it’s so hard, why do they even do it? Even though band camp can be exhausting, it is two weeks of fun for many students, many students even look forward to it all summer. While they put many hours into making progress, students and staff also take some time to have fun, playing group games, competing in section rivalry, and performing skits. Many friendships are formed, bonds strengthened, and memories created during band camp, making it a highly popular event in the marching band world. Band camp —while very tiring— definitely pays off for the progress and fun it provides.

Why did you show up to band camp?
“I joined marching band and came to band camp for the first time after seeing the exhibition of the previous year’s marching show. It looked so cool and I immediately knew that I wanted to do it.” – Emma Ferrell, senior percussionist and Band Captain
“I showed up to prepare myself and my section for the season.” Layla Ferguson, sophomore guard member and Guard Captain
“I showed up to band camp because marching band is honestly the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life” – Addy Austin, sophomore percussionist
“I’m very passionate about band and I love being a part of something so life changing.” – Arvin Hodges, junior tuba player
“I went last year and I had a blast, shed some tears, and really enjed it and the environment.” – Jay Harris, freshman trumpet player

Is band camp worth it?
“Band camp is so worth it. It helps you progress so rapidly as a musician and formulate tight relationships with your band members as you spend so much time with them over the two weeks of camp.” – Emma Ferrell
“I think band camp is worth it because you can learn so much mentally and physically about yourself.” – Layla Ferguson
“Band camp is worth it in many different ways, it is very beneficial and has had a huge impact on my life and who I am as a person.” – Addy Austin
“Yes, the beginning is hard, but the end result is worth it.” – Arvin Hodges
“YESSS!!!! It is kinda rough, but you get into it in a few days. You never pick it up on the first day!” – Jay Harris

What is the best thing you got out of band camp?
“My four mallet skills got so much better and I really bonded with my percussion section even further. I got to appreciate every aspect of what goes into a successful marching season for my last year with TR.” – Emma Ferrell
“The best thing I got out of band camp was building a good relationship with the people in my section.” – Layla Ferguson
“The best thing I’ve gotten out of band camp would have to be the friendships and family.” – Addy Austin
“The sense of family.” – Arvin Hodges
“I learned so much in band camp. I’ve even gotten better at my instrument and the music challenges me from memorizing it.” – Jay Harris

If you could describe band camp in one word what would it be?
“Priceless” – Emma Ferrell
“Exhausting” – Layla Ferguson
“Rewarding” – Addy Austin
“Joy” – Krista Underwood, freshman clarinetist
“Excitement” – Bella Burress, junior guard member
“Humidity” – Zach Wilson, senior drum major
“Experience of a lifetime” – Jay Harris
“Slay” – McKenzy Brown, sophomore guard member