Black Plague in China

Via Hobo Jack

Via Hobo Jack

Everyone has heard the terms ‘Bubonic Plague,’ ‘Black Death,’ or ‘Black Plague,’ but usually these words conjure up mental images of  1300’s England with dirty streets covered in rats and waste. Not many people, however, would hear these words and picture anything in the present day. Much to the surprise of people worldwide, multiple cases of this disease have been tracked in China in 2019. Yes, the same black plague that killed 60% of Europe’s population (that is around 50 million people), is now spreading in China.

Last week, health officials in China shocked everyone by reporting that two people in their country were confirmed to have contracted the plague. Now, a third case has just appeared. Possibly even more troubling than the fact alone, is the realization that this man had not come into contact with the other infected people; leading many to believe that this sickness is coming from multiple sources.

The two original victims have been quarantined, and one of them is in stable condition thanks to their medical team. The third man is said to have contracted the bubonic variety of the plague, not the pneumonic variety like the original victims. The bubonic form is often spread through infected wildlife, and his sickness has been traced back to a wild rabbit that he killed and ate.

This epidemic is nothing to worry about, at least according to the government. Since 2000, there has been about 17 cases per year, most commonly in Africa and Asia. Thanks to modern medicine, this disease is treatable.