Boys Tennis Spring 2020

As spring is quickly approaching, boys Devildog tennis is jumping into action. They are coming off of a successful season with going to the third round of playoffs and are seeking more in the upcoming season. There are nine players on the team, therefore everyone on the team is going to make a difference. Leading the Devildogs this season is coach George Harrelson. He has had many successful seasons and expects nothing less in the coming season. According to the team, Coach Harrelson treats every player with respect and pushes each player to be their best. In addition, eight of the nine players on the team have had a lot of experience with tennis and most players have competed in tournaments prior to the season. Everybody that played last year is returning but there is one new player. When players were asked what team they wanted to play the most, they said Daniel because they have been rivals in the playoffs for a few years. When Zack Verdin, a top player on the team, was asked why he thinks the team is better than most he said, “We have really good team chemistry and we have a lot of players that have played tennis for a long time”. All in all, the boys Devildog tennis team is gonna have a very impactful season this year.