Cheerleading season 2019-2020


This year cheerleading has the biggest group they have had in years with a total of 25 on varsity comp, 31 on varsity sideline, while JV comp and sideline both have 21. Included in that, the team has a total of 4 seniors on varsity comp and 8 on varsity sidelines. Even though there are a lot of new people, there are a total of 24 returning athletes this year. This year’s cheerleaders are determined to do better than 3rd at their competition. On top of all their practice, the team has a lot of big events planned this year. They will be hosting a showcase free of charge on September 17th at 7 am, and on October 12th they will be hosting a invitational at TRHS. Cheer leading will have the region competition on October 23, and will be finishing state qualifiers in November 12th. To close out the season, the team will go to state championships on November 23. TR is cheering on their team!