Cherimoya: The Unknown Fruit


Also known as the custard apple due to its creamy and smooth texture, I encountered this fruit during my travels in Spain during spring break. I’d heard of this fruit before, a few years ago; I was an avid Insider Food watcher when I was a middle schooler and came across one of their videos covering various tropical fruits which featured it.  I was impressed; but never imagined that I’d get to try it one day.  Little did I know. 

While staying in Seville, my first destination, I came upon a crate of these dragon-scaled fruits at a common grocery store. I´d shown my parents this find but decided not to buy one because I practically knew nothing about how to pick or prepare it correctly. Cherimoya are native to  Central and South America, although I supposed that some regions of Spain were warm enough to support cultivation of this fruit. After researching one night, I had what knowledge I needed and waited for another chance to find the fruit at another grocery.  For most of the trip I was without luck; but fortunately, I got my second chance in my last destination, Madrid.

We had stopped by a humble convenience store that also had a fruit stand. While my mom headed towards the kumquats and carambola(star fruit) I was alerted by yet another crate of the sought fruit, though not in peak condition. These were small and overripe; not like the kind I’d seen before. I went inside for a look and luckily found a crate, full of much healthier and larger fruits. I was to look for a uniformly green, firm fruit which was heavy for its size; but I had to throw this advice away knowing now that the fruit was completely ripe; even if a bit too much. 

I made do with what I had and purchased one. When we had returned to our Airbnb, we began cutting and serving our produce. As told, I had cut the fruit down the middle lengthwise, exposing its off-white insides, littered with black seeds. I had read that these were poisonous and told my parents in advance before eating. With a spoon, I tried my first cherimoya; I can’t explain the flavor exactly, but it tasted just like most people say; a mix of banana and pineapple that hinted of  strawberry and kiwi(courtesy of my dad). The texture wasn’t really like custard but it pulled apart easily and tasted pretty smooth. 


I´d say that trying Cherimoya would be a good investment,as I believe that many would enjoy its unique taste and texture.