Dog Bowl


What a sensational night for the Devil Dogs! They were dominant in all aspects of the game including defense, offense, and special teams. You name it, they did it! Berea hosted TR at their stadium losing 40-28 which brings the Devildogs to 2-2 on the season. This also means that TR kept the dog bowl trophy, just two weeks after retaining the jug this year from their great win against Blue Ridge. AJ Rains, TR’s running back, had a sensational game, scoring three rushing touchdowns and two receiving touchdowns for a total of five touchdowns.

The devil dogs got a hot start scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter. Berea would answer back with an 85 yard pass to bring the score to 12-14 Tr. Tr would come back and score on a field goal and on a 40 yard touchdown pass to AJ Rains. Then scored again on a 3 yard run from Aj rains to bring the score to 12-31 going into the half. 

Berea would come out strong in the second half scoring on a 25 yard pass to put the score to 20-31 still trailing by 11 points, then score once again and bring the score to 28-34 Tr. But this would not be enough because TR would go on to score one more touchdown which would be the nail in the coffin.