Exams Before Break

In the 2018-2019 school year, first semester exams will be held the week before Christmas break. Opinions on this vary between students and teachers alike, so a variety of people were interviewed. Example questions were ‘How do you feel about exams being before the break instead of after?’ and ‘What do you think is one pro versus one con?’

I would prefer to take them before, because your whole break won’t get dragged down by worrying. – Locke Bullock, 10th


Exams creep up on you way faster this way, but you don’t have to worry about them when you get back. -Reese Whitten, 12th grade




If we had exams after break instead, we may be more rested and refreshed. But since we have them before, we get a chance to study in class with teachers and classmates. -Abigail Padgett, 9th grade




It’s frustrating because we have to cram all the exams in one week, so I would prefer to take them after. – Christopher Blackwell, 9th grade



It can be both good and bad. The hardworking students would actually use the break to study, but others would just forget everything over the vacation. – Giulianna Mena, 11th grade



I think it will give students a better opportunity to retain their learning, and I think it’ll be helpful to them. – Kellie Slough, English 1 and English 1 Honors Teacher



I think it can be a disadvantage to students. Exams should be a culminating experience of the class so that you feel you have accomplished something, but with exams before break, there is still material to be taught after the exams. – Ann Looper, English 3 Teacher