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Finnamore’s General Store

Finnamore's General Store

Finnamore's General Store

Addie Townsend

Addie Townsend

Finnamore's General Store

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Finnamore’s General Store opened on Dec. 1, 2017 located at 164 South Main St., Travelers Rest. Finnamore’s makes a great new addition to this small town by selling a mixture of local home goods, pottery, jewelry, clothes, and more.

Finnamore’s has a unique spread of merchandise including a merchant’s market, which is an area a merchant can rent a space in the general store and sell their product to customers. This allows for diverse goods and opportunities for small businesses to grow.  There is also a designated spot for kids to play in while their parents are busy shopping.

The owners of the store are Jane and Curt Finnamore.  They have lived in Travelers Rest, S.C. for three years now and decided they wanted to open a store in the town. Previously in New Hampshire, they opened a general store and had great success with it. “We liked the small town atmosphere and I just love everything about owning a general,” said Jane Finnamore.

Addie Townsend
inside Finnamore’s

Finnamore’s hours are as followed: Sunday 1:00p.m.-5:00p.m, Monday closed, and Tuesday-Saturday opened 11:00a.m-6:00p.m.


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