Melo, Gelo and Zo

Tina and Lavar (pictured left) and sons Lonzo and Lamelo (pictured right)

The Ball family has, in the span of a year, completely revolutionized sports marketing with Lavar’s big mouth and the boys’ talent. With events such as Lamelo’s 92-point game and Lavar’s claim of being superior to MJ, they took the social media world by storm. Now, as the three boys are all in different stages in their basketball careers, they have launched a reality show entitled Ball in the FamilyBall in the Family has an interesting format of Facebook episodes aired every Sunday. As the season winds down, the first collection of episodes has been a smash hit.

­­­Ball in the Family uses a reality show format that doesn’t break from the traditional formula, although the characters’ personalities keep the show fresh. Although some of the members of the Big Baller Brand group run together, the show does a decent job of showing the differing personalities of Lonzo, LiAngelo, and Lamelo.

The show also beautifully illustrates how much Lavar cares for his family, and that behind his boisterous nature is a truly kind man. Perhaps the best example of this is when he helps his wife Tina, who suffered a stroke earlier this year, learn how to speak again. Some characters come off as obnoxious, namely the youngest brother Lamelo and Zo’s girlfriend Denise, as both lack the maturity of the rest of the family.

Ball in the Family blends irreverent comedy with family charm to create an interesting show for those invested in the sports world. As season one ends, all can be sure the Ball’s will keep rolling.