New Makers of TR

An intimate community that brings makers alike to the small town of Travelers Rest, TR Makers Co. In the heart of downtown, TR Makers Co works to handcraft locals and visitors into true “makers” while being an outlet for local artist to sell their handcrafted work. The main source for the shop is gather aspiring artist to let out their creativity through play dates such as; block carving, fabric painting, jewelry making, creating mini terrarium, impressions and many more.

TR Makers Co brings the Makers experience and entrepreneurial skills to the younger generation. Through after school programs students elementary, K5 through 5th grade, and juniors, 6th through 10th, get to become makers of their own. In the after school series students explore 5 different Makers techniques while also learning branding, packaging and event management.  These Makers will sell their work in a Mini Makers Market this coming December.