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New Wave of Senioritis Hits Travelers Rest

Productivity plummets to an all-time low.

Cross Powell takes a break from doing nothing to watch a Twitch streamer play Fortnite.

Cross Powell takes a break from doing nothing to watch a Twitch streamer play Fortnite.

Kat Ableman

Kat Ableman

Cross Powell takes a break from doing nothing to watch a Twitch streamer play Fortnite.

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Another wave of Travelers Rest students is now experiencing the condition known as senioritis. Affecting nearly all 12th graders, senioritis has a long history of plaguing Devildogs in their final months. There are several symptoms of senioritis, and if they are not stifled, the condition can remove all hope of academic motivation.

Many seniors take advantage of the opportunity to sign up for an Open A.M. or Open P.M., leaving them with only two classes. While this has many perks, it can also make it hard for students to focus whenever they have to be at school longer than the three hours they quickly become accustomed to. It is a good idea to start a routine to fill your free time while others are still at school, and working out or starting an internship are good ideas, as both have helped me out.

When asked about senioritis, Carter Vickers simply said, “it’s a struggle.” Mel Norton replied, “I just want to go to sleep.” When you combine these two quotes, the full sentiment of senioritis is summed up. No matter which way you look at it, senioritis really is a vicious cycle.

If senioritis were a sport, I would be the captain, and would probably even make all-state. If you want to escape the trap of senioritis, or even embrace it, I can help you with either one. Hobbies and sports are both good extracurricular activities to fill time, or you can just enjoy being a senior! The choice is up to you.

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About the Contributors
Josh Kemp, Opinions Editor

Josh Kemp is a senior at Travelers Rest High and has been struggling with early-onset senioritis for years. His many hobbies include wearing Sperrys without socks (much to the horror of his mother) and shaving with the lights off. While these activities seem dangerous and less than intelligent, they simply reflect his happy-go-lucky attitude. He is excited for upcoming possibilities in helping serve at his youth group at Forestville Baptist Church and beginning college studies next year, hopefully at Clemson.  Josh is a Perspectives Editor for the Blue and Gold and Sideline Reporter/Student Section Hypeman for the Devildog Sports Network. Revelation 21:4

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Kat Ableman, Photography Editor and Social Media Chair

This is Kat Ableman’s fourth year at Travelers Rest High School but her first on The Blue and Gold. She loves photography and wants to use her passion to expand in the newspaper community. Her hobbies include going to the gym, taking four hour naps, eating Mac and Cheese, and spending many hours watching “The Office.” She loves to giggle and make light in any situation.


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