No Jingle Bells before Thanksgiving

Christmas presents under the tree

Alan Cleaver

Christmas presents under the tree

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Many people start celebrating Christmas at different times. Some begin in late October, while others start in late November or early December. But starting too early and trying to maintain the holiday spirit can be exhausting, which is why you should not celebrate until December. In fact, there are seven places in the United States that celebrate Christmas year-round. These locations always have their streets filled with Christmas lights and music, showing that celebrating Christmas too early has become an issue.  Even though people celebrate the holiday in different ways, the timing in which they begin is non-negotiable.

Therefore, decorations for the outside of your house should not go up until after Thanksgiving. If you must have your decorations up, you can always decorate the inside of your house and put your tree up. However, for everyone’s sake, wait until after Halloween. It takes the joy out of decorating for the ones who want to celebrate the holiday at a reasonable time.

Thanksgiving vs Christmas– Cagle Cartoons

Furthermore, sending Christmas Cards needs to wait until December. Nobody wants to read your card that says, “Wishing you a Merry Christmas,” until after Thanksgiving. Cards celebrating Christmas should not come before the present holiday.

Most importantly, Christmas music should not start being played until late November. If you have to start listening to Christmas music before then, make sure to keep your headphones in. 

Starting Christmas too early and dragging it on for longer than it is meant to can diminish the enthusiasm we have for the actual holiday. With Christmas being such a fun and exciting time of year, let’s not dilute the experience by celebrating too early.

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