Thanksgiving? More like “Thanksforgetting.”

Batman is angry that Robin thinks its Christmas already.


Batman is angry that Robin thinks it’s Christmas already.

The Christmas season keeps getting moved farther and farther up into the year, invading another important American holiday: Thanksgiving.

You might have already seen Christmas decorations and commercials before Halloween was even over. It seems as though America is forgetting about Thanksgiving. During this holiday, we are supposed to be thankful and spend time with loved ones. The importance of Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be forgotten. Today, life is so much hustle and bustle that people forget to just stop and realize how thankful they are for what and who they have in their lives.

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Turkey telling Santa to wait because it is his day, Thanksgiving. (Photo by US News.)

The reasons why Thanksgiving is being looked over is due to social media and the economy. Everyone is always looking for the next big thing to post about; in this case it would be Christmas which is the “biggest” holiday of the year and 45 days away. For many, all they look forward to is Christmas gifts and the long break from school. However, the economy is having the biggest effect on looking over Thanksgiving. The commercials and stores advertisement start even before Halloween. This is making people think how close Christmas is, making them look over Thanksgiving. The stores are thinking about the amount of money can bring in if they start advertising earlier.

Black Friday isn’t even on Friday anymore- it is on Thanksgiving. It has even been called Grey Thursday because all the deals that start on Thursday (Thanksgiving). People are thinking about that huge sale they can get on that 60-inch TV at Walmart at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving instead of focusing on spending time with their families.

Don’t forget the reason why Thanksgiving is celebrated, which is to spend time with loved ones and give thanks for all that you have.