Travelers Rest at PDA 2023


On Saturday, February 25, the TRHS Theatre program took a select number of students to the Palmetto Dramatic Association (PDA). This festival consists of group one-acts and individual events. All students who attended participated in the group acting and a few of those students did an individual event (IE). PDA and SC Thespians come together to host one festival over the span of three days to encourage the quality of theatre development in highschools around the state. 


The following TR students participated in the festival:

Olivia Ableman

Lucas Bowers

Layla Jones

Jules King (TR Thespians VP)

Kate Leckie (TR Thespians President)

James Marsh

Damien Rogers

Kashia Stewart

Aiden Tribble

Zach Wilson


The following students participated in IEs:

Kate Leckie – Solo Musical Superior

Kashia Stewart – Solo Musical Excellent

Lucas Bowers – Solo Musical Excellent

Lucas Bowers/Kate Leckie – Duet Musical Excellent

Jules King/Damien Rogers – Duet Acting Excellent


The entire group of 10 students performed the show The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World, a play where the “offensive material” is cleaned out of popular plays including Romeo and Juliet, Rent!, and the Greek tragedy, Medea. While performing, the group was judged on believability, voice, movement, ensemble acting, transitions, blocking, stage business, tempo, costumes, make-up, set, and execution of performance. Considering the categories of judgment, all three judges gave the group a superior, which is the highest score achievable. The group received Outstanding Achievement in Student Interaction and Outstanding Achievement in Concept and Heightened Comedy. Along with receiving an ensemble score and awards, certain individuals were also given acting awards:

Kate Leckie – Superior in Acting 

Zach Wilson – Superior in Acting

Olivia Ableman – Honorable Mention

Kashia Stewart – Honorable Mention

Damien Rogers – Honorable Mention