TRHS 2021 Class Pageants

April 2021


On Thursday, April 15, the TRHS Class Beauty Pageants began. Due to Covid, each grade had its own pageant at separate times, running from Thursday through Saturday, April 17.

Lydia Lang won Miss Freshman, TR Director’s Award, Most Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, and Best Eyes. Keeley Barret won 1st Runner Up. Ella Cox won 2nd Runner Up and Best Hair. Kaelyn Simpson won 3rd Runner Up and Elizabeth McNeill won Best Smile.

Jordyn Dickson won Miss Sophmore, Most Photogenic, and Best Hair. Hallie Bishop won 1st Runner Up. Mackenzie Clayton won TR’s Director Award and Best Eyes. Madison Willis won Best Smile and Miss Congeniality. 

Taylor Smith won Miss Junior, Best Hair, and Best Smile. Tori Goldsmith won TR’s Director Award, Most Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, and Best Eyes.

Kaitlyn Williams was named Miss Travelers Rest High School, and TR Director’s Award. Jordan Hamon won Miss Senior, Best Hair, Best Smile, and Miss Congeniality. Kathryn Deyton won 1st Runner Up, Most Photogenic, Best Hair and Talent Award. Katie Wofford won 3rd Runner Up. Jayda Alexander won Ad-winner and Best Smile. Carah Lark won TR Director’s Award and Miss Congeniality. Barrett Moody won Best Eyes and Interview Winner. 

Congratulations to everyone who participated!