US Airstrike on Iran

For roughly 40 years, the United States and Iran have been at arms with each other with varying degrees of intensity. During the week of December 29th, the Iranian militia fired a rocket in Baghdad killing a US soldier. The United States retaliated with airstrikes killing 25 of the Iranian fighters. Afterwards, backers of the militia attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad. Thursday, following the attack, US intelligence indicated General Soleimani would be meeting other militia leaders at the Baghdad airport. After receiving this information, President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike to take out the General. Following the attack, Iraq ordered for US troops to leave the country, hoping to keep Iranians from invading. With threats of another World War, this story has taken the headlines of not only newspapers, but of social media sites. Many teens and young adults are concerned about the possibility of being called out to fight in the war.