Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

The annual celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day on February 14th celebrates love, admiration, and friendship all around the world in many countries like France, Mexico, Australia, and the United States. Since  the predominantly western holiday goes against Islamic law, some countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan have even banned the holiday for posing as a cultural threat. Originally a Pagan holiday, Valentine’s Day is typically celebrated by exchanging gifts of love between romantic partners, family, and friends and is even a day of feast for many Christians. 

When asked how they felt about Valentine’s day, multiple students at TRHS said that they felt overwhelmed about celebrating the holiday this coming Sunday. Gibson Wyatt, a sophomore, said that she felt “stressed” about not knowing what to get for her loved ones, while another student, a senior, said that he “couldn’t wait” to spend time with his family and significant other.

Many TRHS students stated that they were looking forward to celebrating by spending time with loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Although many students said they would be celebrating the holiday, one sophomore, Avery Stephens, stated that she was going to “watch Netflix and cry” this Valentine’s Day.

According to a recent poll asking whether TR students loved or hated the holiday, about 76% of TR students said they loved Valentine’s Day while around 24% said they hated it. Valentine’s Day appears to be quite a popular holiday among TRHS students and has a lot of different opinions, but overall the holiday is admired and celebrated by many.