War in the Middle-East


PH1(SW) Arlo Abrahamson

The war in the Middle East has been going on for approximately 60 years, with the United States, Syria, and Iraq at the center of the conflict. The war began officially in 1958 and the United States became involved in 2011. The United States went to war due to the fact that there was a rising threat in the east when a regimen used weapons of mass destruction, and ignored all human right acts. The United States readily accepted this call to action.

The United States has sent a total of 165,000 soldiers and while many have made it home, there has been 20,000 deaths in Afghanistan.  The men and women who were sent to the Middle East have to be deployed for about sixteen to twenty one months before they can return home. According to Vox, current US President Donald J. Trump is bringing home 50 of the current 1,000 troops stationed in Syria.

Syria has a total of 300,000 troops between their ground forces and their air force, and Afghanistan has an estimated force of 250,000 troops. While US soldiers are still in Syria, their government is working hard to bring them home.

Trump states on his Twitter account; “In the history of our country! We went to war under a false & now disprove premise, Weapons of mass destruction. There were none. Now we are slowly & carefully bringing our great soldiers & military home. Our focus is on the Big picture- the US is greater and better than ever before!”

Because of this, future generations could have a different outlook on war. The mentality of young people across America has certainly changed due to their exposure to the media. This conflict has been prevalent throughout their youths, and the Americans of tomorrow will remember the war and its effects.