Weird Pets

February 6, 2018

Students at Travelers Rest High School own some interesting pets. Here’s just a few examples of how crazy some of the students are for owning these creatures.

Emmalie Ward’s pet ferret            -Emmalie Ward
Emmalie Ward’s pet ferret            -Emmalie Ward

Senior Emmalie Ward has a pet ferret, Bojangles (Bo for short). Bo loves coke and likes dressing up as a bee. For months, Ward thought Bo was a girl until she found out it was actually a boy. Bo became part of Ward’s family last New Years at three months old.



Kat Ableman’s pet turtle -Kat Ableman




Meet Sheldon (Shelly for short). Shelly is junior Kat Ableman’s pet turtle. Ableman and her family found Shelly when she was the size of a quarter at Jones Gap two years ago. She gained her nickname, “Shelly” after they found out she was not a boy. One weird thing about Shelly is that she only eats strawberries.



Kassidy Rouse’s pet dog -Kassidy Rouse


Meet senior Kassidy Rouse’s pet dog, Sadie. She was Rouse’s 16th birthday present and was previously owned by a family friend. Sadie’s weird trait is that she acts just like a human. “She’ll sit straight up and lay in really odd positions,” Rouse said. She is also a mouth breather; you can always see her teeth and tongue sticking out.





Sophie Nauta’s bearded dragon now -Sophie Nauta
Sophie Nauta’s pet bearded dragon when she first got him     -Sophie Nauta


Meet Droofus, junior Sophie Nauta’s bearded dragon. Nauta got the bearded dragon when it was one month old (now it is two years old). Nauta thought Droofus was a boy, but after finding out it is actually a girl, Nauta and her family still call it a boy. One weird thing about Droofus is how it slowly waves its front legs at you.



Olivia James’ pet loach -Olivia James

Meet senior Olivia James’ pet loach, who actually does not have a name. James and her family just call it “The Loach.” It’s species is a Golden Dojo loach and it is a bottom feeder. One weird thing about The Loach, if it’s not already weird, is it is supposed to be non-aggressive. However, according to James, it is anything but that: “One time he jumped into the filter of the fish tank and I thought he got chopped up but he’s all good.”




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