Why So Many Lockers?


Josh Lipscomb

Just a few of the many unused lockers in TRHS

The use of lockers around the schools has been little to none in the past few years. Only a  small number of students still use them, most students do not even choose to receive a locker number. An overwhelming number of students do not use lockers. That brings the question, Why aren’t students using lockers?

Current TRHS Junior Ian Krinock says, “I only use a locker because almost all of my teachers make me bring the textbook to class.” As a full International Baccalaureate Diploma candidate, he needs to be able to work on four classes one day, and a different four classes the next day. In fact, 67% of IB Diploma students use lockers, while the rate of locker use in students not in the IB programme is close to zero.

Many students don’t use lockers solely as they are too far away from their classes, it makes it difficult to manage within only five minutes. With a normal class schedule, a backpack will do just fine. Ian says that the school does not necessarily need as many lockers, as long as they leave a few on the main hall, and that they could potentially use the space for something else. The scarcity of locker use will likely continue with the use of chromebooks, as textbook use goes down across the school.