Back to School


The new school year started back on August 15th, 2022. With this new year a lot has changed. After about 40 years Travelers Rest Highschool finally made adjustments to its outdated dress code. Which now allows all students to express themselves through appropriate clothing while at school. This was a prominent change that mainly affected the female students. Female students are now, for the first time, allowed to wear jeans ripped above the knee, tank tops, and running shorts. This makes coming to school more exciting as there is not a constant pressure or worry about being dress-coded for the length of an article of clothing. It also allows females to be more comfortable at school as they are not forced to wear leggings and jeans everyday. Another change that occurred over the summer was an intemplation of “GoPass.” Which is an app designed to give students permission to sign out of class for reasons such as the bathroom, to get water, talk to guidance, etc. The point of this app is to make students use their time more wisely and limit the amount of time spent out of class. The idea of “GoPass” is a very strong one. However, with this year being the first year, it will be an interesting test. Will it work? Other than the new additions to the school’s rules not much has changed. It is just another year with similarities to the ones before it. One being the children’s backpacks for seniors. All around the halls of TR, seniors can be spotted with “kid” backpacks. This demonstrates joy and school spirit by the class of 23; and by the previous classes who passed down the tradition. Some dread going back to school, while others love it. Which one are you??