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The Arrival of Autumn

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‘Tis the season of cool weather, warmer clothes, and the undeniable vibes that come with Autumn. Despite what your favorite season is, one cannot deny the wonder of Fall. Many students feel the cozy omen that comes along with October. For about two months, the weather is perfect and life is eventful. All of this enchantment is more emphasized as holiday season arrives.

October is the month of Halloween and all things spooky. From Scarowinds to Mad World, there are many thrilling events to enjoy this season. Senior Alliah Woodard expressed, “I love Fall because it’s cold and I can wear cute winter clothes and watch fall movies. Also Halloween and Thanksgiving are always awesome.” This chilly weather seems to invite all kinds of different moods in this time of the year. A certain smell could take one back to a place in the past. Like that fall breeze, which brushes through the air inviting the reminiscence of feelings from previous falls. Though the other seasons have their perks, no other interval proposes a nostalgia quite like Fall.

Not only is fall beautiful and fun, it is very interesting. October is also the best month for sunsets and sunrises. Whereas there are more to see, and the sky is also more vibrant. So grab some apple cider, a blanket, and enjoy the artistry. Also, this season is alone in that it has two names, Fall and Autumn. The most “fall” fact of all is that pumpkin spice has nothing to do with pumpkins, sorry Starbucks. The seasonal food that comes with Fall is also a delight. Most enjoy the annual consumption of pumpkin pie, apple cider, and elaborate thanksgiving meals.

From gaining more sleep, enjoying the brisk weather, or watching the leaves fall, this season continues to generate happiness for all.

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