The IB Diploma Programme


Rick Veazey

Current Full IB Diploma Students on a Field Trip at Tandem Creperie

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a high school based academic program that is respected and offered across the globe. Since 2004, Travelers Rest High School has been proud to be one of the four schools in the district that offers the IB Diploma Programme.

Currently, four seniors and three juniors who are working towards the IB Diploma. This means that they are taking IB classes in Math, Biology, English, History, Spanish, and Theory of Knowledge, for two years. They also have option to participate in IB electives, including: Music, Theater, and Information Technology in a Global Society. Lastly, the Diploma requires that IB students participate in a program called CAS, or Creativity, Activity, Service. This extracurricular component of the Programme engages students in a way that in-class activities cannot.

At Travelers Rest High School, the IB is academically rigorous as well as extremely fulfilling. IB classes are weighted the same as an AP or Dual Credit class, meaning that if IB students get high grades in all of their classes, they can quickly raise their class rank. The class schedule is also beneficial, as half of the classes are are on an ‘A’ day, and the other half are on a ‘B’ day. This allows for more time to do assignments, and no gaps in between semesters so that the knowledge stays fresh in the student’s minds.

The IB Diploma Programme is a fully involved and academically demanding program, yet provides students with a global perspective and efficiently prepares high school students for college. We are proud at Travelers Rest High School to be able to offer this internationally recognized program and look forward to many more IB Diplomas for the classes to come.