TR in SCBDA Bands


Through the past few weeks, many TR band students auditioned for multiple band clinics: the SCBDA Region band, the SCBDA Greenville County band, and the SCBDA Allstate band. These students auditioned to become part of the county/region/state’s top instrumentalists and competed with many students from the regarding areas to participate in these clinics in February and March. These students work very hard to audition and participate in these bands, so showing support for them is highly encouraged. 


The process of auditioning is quite rigorous, as students have to learn scales, solos, rudiments, and terms. The students travel to the audition location (Powdersville High School – Region, Mauldin Middle School – County, and Lexington High School – Allstate) and compete against other students who play the same instrument. Around 58 students from TR auditioned this year, and only a select amount of students are chosen to be in the clinic. 


SCBDA Region 1 Band

SCBDA’s Region Bands include multiple regions and are separated into three groups based on the grade level of the instrumentalist: Junior (middle school), Clinic (9th and 10th grade), and Senior (11th and 12th grade). The clinic is separated into four bands: Junior, Clinic, Senior, and Alternate. Those who do not make the main band (Jr/Cl/Sr) are put into the Alternate band and may move up to their cooperating main band if others make the Allstate band. The Region 1 SCBDA Clinic will take place at Anderson University from Feb. 17-18.

The following students auditioned for the Region Band and made the bands:

All-Region Band:

**Olivia Ableman

Carter Buchanan

Walker Craig

**Wesley Donald

*Emma Ferrell

Kacie Galloway

*Lyon Gonzales

Molly Hodges

Miley Lee

Juliana Rapp

*Ethan Scruggs

Cameron Swan

Krista Underwood

**first chair & callback


SCBDA Greenville County Band

The Greenville County SCBDA Band is composed of three bands: Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and the Middle School Band. The Wind Ensemble is the top band and all high school students compete for a chair in this ensemble. The Symphonic Band is essentially an alternate band for the Wind Ensemble. The Greenville County Band Clinic will take place at Riverside High School.

The following students auditioned for the Greenville County Band and made the bands:


*Olivia Ableman

Emma Ferrell

Sarah Ferrell

Ethan Scruggs

*Nick Parrales

Cameron Swan


Eram Biggs

Carter Buchanan

Walker Craig

Mila Daugherty

*Wesley Donald

Kacie Galloway

*Lyon Gonzales

Jay Harris

*Molly Hodges

*Krista Underwood

*Lily Wagner

Zach Wilson

*first chair


SCBDA Allstate Band

The SCBDA Allstate Band includes all the regions in the state. Students who received high chairs in their region are given a callback exactly two weeks after their Region audition, where they compete against instrumentalists across the state. The Allstate band only has three bands: Junior, Clinic, and Senior. Those who do not make the band and are alternates do not perform at state, but can instead participate and perform in their region band while they still attend the Allstate clinic. The SCBDA Allstate Clinic will take place at Furman University from March 10-12.

The following students auditioned for the Allstate Band and made the bands:

Olivia Ableman (1st Chair All-state)

Kacie Galloway

Wesley Donald