Booming Business in TR

Trailblazer Park

For the past couple of decades, the city of Travelers Rest has grown into what it is today. Travelers Rest has been blessed with dine-in restaurants and family businesses that fill Main Street. One of the biggest things that has helped TR flourish is the addition of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Along with the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a four lane road was constructed through Main Street to help traffic flow. City Council member Harvey Choplin updates us on TR growth.

According to Choplin, “Growth in Travelers Rest started with main street becoming 2 lanes instead of 4 lanes, and the Swamp Rabbit Trail really put us on the path to growth after change”. He continued, saying, “Growth in Travelers Rest has helped with Mom and Pop business, places that are in walking distance, and fellowship with others in and out of the area. Travelers Rest has always had a community type environment. Eating places (restaurants)  are the fastest growing businesses in downtown TR. We have a number of people from all over Greenville County coming to TR”. Choplin believes growth is healthy for TR, as long as we keep our small town flavor and community pride. When asked about what things we should look forward to in the future for TR, he said, “We are getting a lot of inquires about certain types of business that in the future may be possible. Until that happens, we will continue to encourage good sustainable type business that will fit into our future long range plans in Travelers Rest.”

Choplin has lived in Travelers Rest since 1971. He is the Mayor Pro-Temp and Chairperson of the Personnel Committee on the City Council. He also serves on the Ways & Means, and  Public Safety Committees. He is currently  supervising student teachers at Southern Wesleyan and Lander University and is also an  adjunct teacher at Furman University during the Spring term.