Christmas Time is Here

Christmas Time is Here

Well, Halloween was over almost a month ago and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so it’s time to take a step back and appreciate everything to be thankful for. Be happy for your family, friends, and all the fantastic food that’s going to be served. Overall, just take a step back and enjoy life for a bit. 


Skip Thanksgiving, who cares about it anyway? Good food, friends, and family? That just sounds like a worse Christmas. I mean think about it, we get 3 days for Thanksgiving break, it’s too cold to enjoy being outside for a long time but not cold enough to stay inside all day, the theme color is brown, and let’s be honest, Christmas ham is so much better than Thanksgiving Turkey. Compare this to Christmas; as stated before there’s better food, it’s too cold to be outside so you can stay inside with no guilt, and everyone loves the iconic green and red. I say we need to move on from celebrating killing the natives and skip to Christmas. 

Now, you might just say that this is blasphemy. “Thanksgiving is a time to see your family! Friends-giving!” Keep in mind, we all do it again next in December. As someone who doesn’t even like receiving gifts, I’d much rather spend Christmas with family and friends than thanksgiving. Think about it, for Thanksgiving there is traffic, and family drama which is so common there is an entire “Thanksgiving clap-back” trend every year, and if one of the dishes is messed up at Thanksgiving dinner then everyone will know, and whoever cooked it will feel awful. Compared to Christmas, when everyone is happy, food is easy to make and tastes good, and all family drama will be quickly shut down by the famous quote all elders say; “It’s Christmas, behave yourself” at any sign of trouble. 

So, while I would love to say Merry Christmas, I would much rather just say Happy Holidays to all, as whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year I hope it’s a nice holiday for whatever you may celebrate. And, if Thanksgiving is somehow your favorite holiday, then happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family are able to enjoy each other’s company and not somehow go to war over every little argument. However, personally, I’m going to get through Thanksgiving, then make some Hot Chocolate, get a candy cane, and continue to add to Mariah Carey’s bank account while I get ready for the Holidays.