Hallmark Christmas Movies: What is all the hype about?

The holidays seem to sneak up on us each year and with that comes Hallmark Christmas movies. Being released as early as October 22 this year, the Hallmark channel is taken over by the nonstop marathon of their cheesy rom-com holiday movies. Every year we tell ourselves that we will not get wrapped up in the channel itself, but we always do. While asking others what they feel draws people to watch Hallmark movies, one said “ I feel it is the consistent happy ending that creates appeal.” This response was very common. Christmas is supposed to be happy and fun and hallmark deliver this expectation always. 9th grader Emma Watkins said, “ They are relaxing and comforting, you always know what the ending is going to be and that is what makes it comforting.” 

It’s not just people at TR that have fallen in love with Hallmark’s holiday cheer, the whole country has. The channel is most watched by women ages 25-54. Their fan base earned them the most-watched entertainment cable channel in the fourth quarter of the year for the 5th consecutive year. Another popular element among viewers is the “family-friendly” aspect. Being able to put on a channel that you are sure is appropriate for all members of the family can be very important to some. The whole line of Hallmark Christmas movies is loosely based on the same plot but involves different people and names of towns. If it was any other topic besides Christmas, we would get sick and tired of this but the satisfaction of how the plot plays out, allows us to enjoy them over and over. 

As your enjoying your holiday season and you find yourself wanting to watch a cheesy holiday-related rom-com, here are a few fan favorites: 

  1. A Royal Christmas
  2. Christmas in Evergreen
  3. Let it Snow
  4. Christmas at Pemberley Manor
  5. A Gingerbread Romance
  6. Christmas at Cartwrights
  7. The Nine Lives of Christmas
  8. Finding Christmas
  9. Switched for Christmas
  10. A Cookie Cutter Christmas

For all the Hallmark loving relatives in your life, here is a great Christmas gift for them: