Netflix Show Selection


Matt Rourke

Netflix logo

The online streaming giant, Netflix, is famous for providing an entire library of movies and shows at a reasonable monthly price. The company was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph and has been extremely successful,  so successful that the stock price in May 2018 was about 290 times higher per share than it was in May 2002. A company this big clearly has a large influence on its customers, but what happens when the content begins to bore some of those customers? Netflix updates their content library regularly but sometimes it’s only one or two new shows or movies at a time that only appeal to a certain audience. Recently the streaming service has been adding large amounts of content that is produced by Netflix as a company, Netflix Originals, and has even added some “interactive” options that allow viewers to have some control over what happens. This feature is available in the movie “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.” While the interactive feature has attracted the attention of some customers, many are not happy with the fact that some content has been available for months while other content is only available for a week or two.

For example, the show Friends has been on Netflix for four years now and recently the classic Godfather trilogy only lasted a couple weeks. Even though Netflix regularly updates their library it seems that some shows and movies are immortal to the selection. The streaming service tries to make up for this by taking some customer suggestions. An example of this is the recent addition of the Indiana Jones movies.

Netflix provides an expiration date for shows on its website within 30 days of its removal but this date is not shown on all viewing platforms. This information would be very useful to customers who are try to figure out when to start watching a series or plan to watch a movie later in the week only to discover it has been removed. Even if adding new content to the library is hindered because of licensing issues with the movie/show producer, then simply doing a thorough job of informing the user when something is removed would make the service better.