Who is Joe Cunningham?


Who is the democratic candidate for the 2022 midterm elections, in the state of South Carolina? His name is Joe Cunningham and he is from Charleston, SC. He has gained followers and voters through social media. He has made a massive presence on tik tok with multiple videos going viral.  The younger generations in South Carolina align with him because he is an advocate for protecting women’s bodily rights, believes in raising teacher’s pay, and he wants to eliminate the state income tax. He also stands by politicians that actually stand for the people, not to just gain political power. He does not think old politicians should stay in office and wants to set term limits. During his campaign he went to multiple colleges and universities within the state to talk to the students. Many students have expressed their support for him on social media and that has given him more recognition. Even some republicans have given positive comments on his campaign and beliefs.Voting is this Tuesday for the midterms! Don’t miss out!


If you are 18, register to vote by clicking this link: https://info.scvotes.sc.gov/eng/ovr/start.aspx

Joe Cunningham Campaign Website: https://www.joeforsouthcarolina.com/