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The Outback Bowl

Quarterback Jake Bentley who was named MVP. Photo Credit: Chris O'Meara

Quarterback Jake Bentley who was named MVP. Photo Credit: Chris O'Meara



Quarterback Jake Bentley who was named MVP. Photo Credit: Chris O'Meara

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On Jan. 1, 2018, the South Carolina Gamecocks (8-4) played against the Michigan Wolverines (8-4) for the second time in the Outback Bowl. South Carolina shocked the nation this season by getting eight regular season wins, even though they were predicted to have four wins. Michigan, also 8-4, was a disappointment to  fans because they were predicted to have nine regular season wins.

The first half of the game was very slow and disappointing to football fans. Michigan’s defense was able to cause three turnovers but their offense was not able able to capitalize and only had three field goals. South Carolina’s defense played extremely well even though the offense was nonexistent. The score going into halftime was 9-3 Michigan.

To start the second half, Michigan stormed down the field to give them a 16-3 lead. South Carolina’s next drive ended in a interception thrown by Jake Bentley. Michigan was able to complete another field goal on that possession which brings the score to 19-3. Just when it seemed the game was out of reach for South Carolina, the Gamecocks were able to put up a 6-play drive which ended with a Rico Dowdle touchdown.

The score now 19-10 gave South Carolina enough momentum to cause four more turnovers and eventually take the lead and win the game 26-19. Jake Bentley, who was named MVP of the game, said, “Everyone had full confidence that we were going to come back and win.” In the end, it was a huge win for South Carolina since their last winning season was in 2014. South Carolina is showing huge progress and fans are looking forward to next season.

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