Controversy in Florida: What is the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill?


As you have scrolled through social media, you may have come across angry or sympathetic posts about the “Don’t Say Bill” that is currently under review in Florida, but do you really know the meaning and impact?

Proposed by Florida’s Senate Education Committee, the bill will restrict educators from kindergarten to third grade(not completely distinguished as Republicans sayFlorida House passes 'Don't Say Gay' bill “or an age group that is inappropriate”)  from teaching or discussing LGBTQ issues, gender identity, etc. Lawsuits will be open for parents who feel their child has been subjected to this talk. The senator who first brought this bill up (Rep. Joe Harding) claims ” Creating boundaries at an early age of what is appropriate in our schools, when we are funding our schools, is not hate.” Critics call this “attack on our community.” Democratic Representative Carlos Smith claims ” This bill goes way beyond the text on its page. It sends a horrible message to our youth that there is something so wrong, so inappropriate, so dangerous about this topic that we have to censor it from classroom discussion.” Others state how this bill could negatively impact the already growing amount of mental health distress in LGBTQ youth.  Governor DeSantis has not said if he will for sure sign the bill when it reaches his desk but he has shown strong support. Studies were done by an LGBTQ suicide prevention group, The Trevor Project, found 42% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide last year. They also found that LGBTQ youth who reported they had at least one place that was LGBTQ affirming showed lower rates of attempting suicide. As of now, the bill has passed through the House of Representatives.

LGBTQ advocates fight 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Another proposed amendment of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill is the requirement for teachers to notify the parents of suspected LGBTQ youth within 6 weeks of finding out. Not reporting could result in the loss of jobs for teachers. This bill is suspected to be shut down and repealed by further legislation.

If you would like to join the fight to oppose the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill please click the link below to sign the petition against it:

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