Inventing Anna: The Real Story


 Six years ago, Anna Sorokin was arrested and found guilty of second-degree grand larceny, theft of services, and one count of first-degree attempted grand larceny. She successfully scammed her way into hundreds of thousands of dollars, saying that the money was being used to build ADF, otherwise known as the Anna Delvey Foundation. The ADF was created to cover up the real use of all the money she was gaining, which was being used to fund her lavish lifestyle; living in 5-star hotels, where she constantly tipped ridiculous amounts of money to employees, going to the high end clothing stores and dining out at top-rated restaurants. She was told that she would be in jail for at least twelve years but got out in four. The Netflix series called “Inventing Anna,” told the story of how Sorokin began her spree of crime and then was later caught. Sorokin states she has not watched the series.

Sorokin states she is not proud of what she has done in the past and she does not encourage anyone to follow in her footsteps. Under the conditions of her release, she is banned from using social media and she now faces deportation proceedings that could go on for years to come. A rare interview was recently released with her from inside an ICE detention facility where she did her jail time. In the interview, Sorokin says that she understands and knows that what she did was wrong but does not feel the need to apologize. “Who would I be apologizing to, I’m not a 12-year kid,” said Sorokin. The interviewer then suggested  apologizing to the banks and the people she scammed. Sorokin said, “I don’t think they care.” 

During Sorokin’s trial back in 2018, her former friend Rachel Williams claimed Sorokin left Williams stuck with a $62,000 hotel bill. American Express ended up dismissing the fee amount and did not require her to pay it, but this did not change Williams’ new opinion of Sorokin. In a recent interview with Anna, she clearly states that she would not try to rekindle her past friendship with Rachel and feels she most definitely does not owe her an apology. Sorokin says that Rachel being stuck with the hotel bill was an unfortunate situation and she knows it was not right and her intention was never to defraud Rachel.

Sorokin said in a interview, “I never had any malicious intent and I’m not this vicious, scamming person trying to take advantage of any person who was stupid enough to fall for it.” She also stated that while living this lavish lifestyle, she constantly tried to figure out how to for her was figuring out how to pay for these thousand-dollar hotel rooms she was staying in. Since her release,  Sorokin is now working on a new project. It’s called the Anna Access card, and it can be purchased with cryptocurrency. This card can unlock things like exclusive interviews or a one-on-one phone call with the famous fraud herself. Sorokin says she feels her story inspires people and the inspirational message is that there is always a way to turn something bad into something good, and we should try to think our way out of our problems.