Pewdiepie hits 100 Million Subs


Pewdiepie's Minecraft series- photo credit to Felix Kjellberg

As of August 24th 2019, Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) has finally achieved 100 million subscribers on Youtube. Kjellberg lost the race to 100 million to Indian music channel T-Series, but many fans claim his success is more impressive due to the fact that he is an individual creator. Even as an individual content creator, Pewdiepie has a huge lead on the third most popular channel on the site; 5-Minute crafts, with 60 million subscribers. Paul Tassi, senior contributor to Forbes states that Pewdiepie, “has done something that a few years ago, would have been completely unthinkable.”


The popular content creator has run into some issues in the past that landed him in hot water with his platform. Back in 2017, Pewdiepie was removed from Google preferred advertising due to a prank. Because of issues of this sort, many people are surprised that Youtube has recognized Pewdiepie on his shocking accomplishment by creating a tribute to him. Pewdiepie retweeted the tribute, so it seems that relations between the gamer and the platform have smoothed over. Part of this may be due to the fact that Kjellberg’s channel has returned to his original, widely accepted, drama-free focus: gaming. The resurgence of the popular building game Minecraft has given Pewdiepie plenty of fresh content to work with. His Minecraft playthrough videos have been receiving attention across the world, and many people theorize that this series is what finally pushed his channel over the 100 million mark. Each of these Minecraft videos got millions of views in a matter of weeks, proving their popularity.

It looks like this popular gamer will remain an important part of Youtube’s platform for years to come.